Twisty Fun Workshop

The Twisty Fun Workshop is a fantastic way for the kids (& adults) to learn how to make balloons.
A practically foolproof method, this balloon workshop teaches them how to make a few different designs and then some of their own during their freestyle time!

 45 minutes of Twisting Fun!
For groups LARGE or small.

Libraries and Camps LOVE this activity!

A fun employee event, too! 

Can be done via Zoom.

AND you can even add a short Magic Show to loosen everyone up!

The first twist is the most difficult… By the time they are done, most of the kids are confident twisters, a skill they will want to show off for the rest of their lives, when given the chance. A super self-esteem builder.

The Tweens and Teens love this one!

Fun sleep over or Family Night balloon making activity!

(Done over ZOOM)

Only $50!

You supply the balloons.

For up to 10 people.

Call to book this one!

(Available M-Th only)