Once Upon a Storytime

– with BALLOONS!

I’m a story teller with a TWIST!

Balloon Storytelling is an interactive way to tell stories, using twisty balloons as props.

It involves using some of the children in the audience to perform the story.

The rest of the audience also gets in on the fun since their participation is part of the script!

Stories from Aesop’s Fables, Greek Mythology & other Fairy Tales are all available.

Mr. Mark likes to include a few fun magic tricks in his show, too!

(Do you have a suggestion for a story? Let me know!)

“Mr. Mark is a wonderfully engaging and lively performer, who delights children of all ages—and even adults. His masterful skill in balloon twisting and animated storytelling is thrilling. Mr. Fuller also weaves literature into his show, thus inspiring children to read.”


Children's Library Director, Patrick Heath Memorial Library

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Libraries, Preschool
& Elementary Schools

New for this year

The Fish that cried Shark!

The 3 Little Pigs!

The Lion and the Mouse!